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Bharatiya nabhikiya vidyut nigam ltd tenders dating, bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited by Energy Outlook

University of Burdwan and Ors. The Respondent acted on the contrary and unilaterally fixed its own date of commercial operation, archaeometric dating apps without approaching the Ld.

The above asset will be under commercial operation w. The observations made by Krishna Iyer, J.

It has been wisely observed that procedural prescriptions are the handmaid and not the mistress, a lubricant, not a resistant in the administration of justice. Bangalore Electricity Supply Co. Neither of these two facts has been challenged by the Appellant.

Viewed in this perspective, even what is regarded as mandatory traditionally may, perhaps, have to be moderated into wholesome directions to be complied with in time or in extended time. Thereafter, the assets shall be pooled in PoC as regional scheme. This Tribunal has also held in Essar Power Ltd.

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Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Since no other point was urged before the High Court, we find no reason to examine if any other point was available. However, no final decision has been taken thereof by the Government of India as to how the power to be generated by the unit in question is to be shared. Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. The grounds sought to be added in the memorandum of arbitration appeal by way of amendment are absolutely new grounds for which there is no foundation in the application for setting aside the award.

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Powergrid has challenged the issue c by way of Appeal No. The fact that they could not be put to regular use is not attributable to Powergrid but because the generating unit of the Appellant was not commissioned. All the rules of procedure are the handmaid of justice. Thus, the total transmission project commissioning will be divided in stages based on the date of commissioning of the individual assets. Assets from two different projects would not be clubbed for the purpose of tariff determination.

As already discussed above, this can be checked by the Jurisdictional Central Excise Officers of the appellant. Gulbarga Electricity Supply Co.

As of today, no decision has been taken by the Government of India as to how the power to be generated by the unit in question is to be shared. The Transmission Lines installed by Respondent No. The Central Commission has already observed in this regard that the lines were connected at both ends and energized. After all, courts are to do justice, not to wreck this end product on technicalities.

The lines could not be put to regular use for reasons not attributable to Powergrid but rather because the generating station of the Appellant was not ready. Maximum period of each stage will be two years. Thus, the Central Commission has wisely considered the issue and passed the Impugned Order. The same is being used by the Respondent No.

In this regard, information was duly submitted by Powergrid. On the other hand, this power has been expressly provided to the Ld.

Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd Recruitment

Instead, the Respondent No. Mangalore Electricity Supply Co. In the alternate, the Respondent No. For one, the aforesaid argument was not at all canvassed before the High Court.

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The important concern is the fact of payment of appropriate duty on the goods in question, which is evidenced by the documents with which the goods have been received. Learned counsel for the respondent submitted that other points are available to be raised. However, in the present case, the Respondent No. Neither was the project envisaged to function in such a dissected manner, where its associated transmission systems were to function independently.

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Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd

Kalpakkam-Sirucheri and Kalpakkam-Arani lines. It is pertinent to mention that the Respondent No. As notice above, in the application for setting aside the award, the appellant set up only five grounds viz.