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Gradually, he began inching up on Bernard, who seemed to be tiring. But when Lezak dove in, he was already behind. And anyway, which old suit? How does a guy so chill thrive in such a pressure cooker universe? But he's still having fun, so he'll keep trying to make the money work.

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But Aaron is not his career. Aaron Peirsol is different. Aaron is of course incredibly proud of his accomplishments. But victories, defeats, podiums and bling fail to tell the story of Aaron Peirsol. In winning the gold, free dating sites with most users Lochte broke the world record tie he and Peirsol shared in the meter backstroke.

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The two strangers are being set up. It was late morning in Beijing on Aug.

Lezak, the veteran, would swim last. Lezak says he swam for his country, not for Phelps, so none was necessary.

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Peirsol's first gold came in the meter backstroke. The very definition of a high performing elite athlete with a slew of world-records and Olympic gold medals to prove it. They nodded and walked out to the pool. There's nine years between them, and Phelps has spent most of his life in a Baltimore pool. His perspective might surprise you.

There is just something completely unique about this guy. Breast-stroker Brendan Hansen is taking a year off. Lezak is the oldest swimmer here by nearly a decade, and if this doesn't work he's got some thinking to do.

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And he's made an impression on Hildenbiddle. Having been improperly entered, the disqualification was eventually overturned. But far more interesting than his performances was how he acquitted himself outside the pool.

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But Lochte had a strong finish to over-take Peirsol for the win. But it'll be small, not enough on its own. More soul surfer than Type-A competitor. Hildenbiddle leans in as Lezak speaks more softly, trying not to sound boastful. But Phelps and Lezak have never been close.

Who is Aaron Peirsol dating? Aaron Peirsol girlfriend, wife

The four-time Olympic gold medalist is wearing a button-down shirt and black slacks.

He is unlike any other high performing athlete I know. He can't enter the work force in his mids with nothing in savings. His father is a captain and his mother is a retired dental hygienist.

At the time, Peirsol held five of the fastest times posted in the event. For the final of the meter backstroke, Peirsol was swimming in lane two, having qualified fifth in the semi-finals. In his first event, the meter backstroke, Peirsol was the heavy favorite for gold, with him being the world-record holder and the defending Olympic champion.

He figured another company would swoop in, but he's still waiting. He was a part of this relay in and got bronze.

If he doesn't have a sponsor in time for the world-championship trials this summer, he might have to swallow his pride and call a friend with a Speedo deal to ask if he can borrow one. At the meter turn, he glanced right and saw Bernard a full body-length ahead.

When the competition was over, Peirsol said he put his swimming equipment in a locker and walked away. He also won silver in the meter backstroke. But Peirsol had a superior finish to over-take both swimmers. If a connection is made, the older man, a brand-management executive for Mutual of Omaha named John Hildenbiddle, will have a new corporate spokesman. This is a speed date, so to speak.

Peirsol said he contemplated retirement after the Summer Olympics. Olympic Team Trials, Peirsol won individual titles in the and meter backstroke, repeating his results from the U. However, after the turn, Peirsol overtook Tancock, who eventually placed sixth, and won the gold. Lezak told them he had been a part of this relay in and had come in second.

This would be the last race of his international career. In a few weeks, Lezak expects to have a deal with Mutual of Omaha. He feels awkward, selling himself like this.

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But Lezak got his moments in the spotlight, too, including a visit with Oprah. And if the deal is big enough, Lezak, one of many Beijing Olympians who are now effectively unemployed, will be able to get back in the pool. Olympic Team Trials, Peirsol won individual titles in the and meter backstroke. His only corporate backer, Nike, got out of the swimming business before the Beijing Games, no longer willing to compete with Speedo.

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Avoiding such an indignity is part of why he's here in Phoenix subjecting himself to another one. Just like in Beijing, Jason Lezak is on his last lap, he's still behind and time is running out.