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Don't tell me that the people running prometun workshop don't have pvp gear. Always was a huge problem for aion and imo that is the main reason that aion is losing population to other games with elo systems. Now you can farm and have fun at the same time. The time where Sins could kill themselves Hello Wintry while being braindead is long over.

Proly it was mistake to discuss it with ppl that dont know that such fights are possible and exist. There was always a kind of pro and con of every class. When every boss is dead, the same process is applied to surkanas causing huge mob trains. Yet you say that ilumiel, where gear and skills are equal, dating in williams it doesn't resemble pvp? Players are running like headless chickens to the next boss hoping to have loots.

You can roam in Lakrum and simply pvp or try to do you daily garnison quests. But the cycle is way too short and eu population way too low to show any decent results of this. Can you tell me what chances you have if you combine less? It would allow to create rankings and attract many PvP players. The last sentence doesn't make any sense.

Don't know which patch it was though. If the game was never meant for solo pvp then rangers and sins shouldn't even exist. Of course people went in groups too but I barely saw them. Doing pve does not mean that you don't have any pvp gear. The mass is more diluted around the fortress as everybody is avoiding direct confrontation resulting in a powerpoint slideshow.

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Aion arena matchmaking

Hope we will see an improovment anytime soon, but I can not make any promises here. Reductions of timers nailed the coffin. Ganking people in lakrum gear, is that what you call pvp?

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State of the game

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Aion arena matchmaking
  1. Perhaps the system isn't configured correctly, and every weekly server maintenance resets player ratings.
  2. At least ranger has it a bit better.
  3. See you at the next Daeva's Tavern in summer.
  4. Melee has always a disadvantage agains range-dd because of kite, root, cc, etc.
  5. Even sorc vs sin was pretty balanced back in time.

Arena Matchmaking Improvements

Every week i am facing the same afk people over and over again. Its a dying game, servers keep merging so just a matter of time it will close down. The information shown includes your current standings ranking among total players and within your class. When u adjust the system, also hp gains will be more equal to everyone. There is no lack of people, just that most people don't want to do this, for legitimate reasons.

But taru's explanation seems more likely. Most people have gear and are stuck in a place cuse they cant progress with upgrading they re gear. Whenever you enter any instance, there's an instance waiting timer.

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On the other hand, dolphins and whales probably don't want to wait longer than they used to just to get an entry. Of course, when it is down-time and not many players applying at the time, the system has to just put together whoever is applying at the time. Galeas Sparx The amount of stones needed to progress is too high compared to the stones we recive in game and from events. Same as sm vs cleric, tTry playing a sin for years and meet more than half of your opponents as plate in the game. Most of your points I gaethered over the past two weeks and forwarded it again yesterday.

As explained many times, Galeas is our voice and he daily reports to the Aion team all our needs and expectations. That must've been a joke, he can't be serious. And to be fair i dunno how many princesses are out there, so your queues might be pretty long But tbh the only real solution I can think of is to adjust the system.

Arena Matchmaking Improvements & Upcoming AMA

It also was a minority participating in that kind of duel-behaviour in the past and has had nothing in common with normal PvP behaviour. Now let us say you are quite satisfied with your gear, what can you do with it? Well, I know that, some other people apparently don't. Also the removal of the group searching feature available only in front of instances hurt the pvp badly.

It is getting better though as players are more focused on killing npcs in the fortress in order to get honor points for their abyssal ranking. It's either an organizational problem or ignorance. Matchmaker is the system to support and match players of similar skill level. The map is empty because there is literally no reward in doing PvP. Or it's not standard feature of main branch, but paid modification.

  • With one less timer of Ashunatal Dredgion it is harder to get enchantments bags.
  • At least interchange Runatorium daily availability with this instance.
  • Its and this game still hasnt given players the option to form one group of elyos, one group of asmo and give the players ability to choose the instanced arena they want to have some fun in.
  • Community would really enjoy it.
  • Imo the morph crystals are not the problem.

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Aion arena matchmaking

At least present arguments instead of these ignorant replies. We potentially found what the issue was last week. Premade groups should face only other premade groups and Quick Entry groups should face only other Quick Entry groups.

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Aion simply doesn't have the necessary population to support such a system. Aion is getting really boring as it's just gearing after gearing but never meeting any kind of competition. Every class has its ups and downs, and the developers could never reach a perfected class balance if the game contains as many PvP aspects as Aion does. Not a single decent player in solo arena. Additionally, I remember having read something about the introduction of an arena matchmaking system some years ago.

That was never the case, every class could handle every class, the only thing that mattered was skill. Youtube - Twitch - Facebook. And arenas should provide more incentive, and then more people will join.

But how would it work in party? That's actually quite the logical contrast towards your previously quoted paragraph. It will usually give you entry instantly, against any nabs that are in line.

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Elo/mmr system in Aion

These are my observations and could very well be untrue. Let's make game more fun, let's make game more competitive! Events with decent and obtainable! The winners were already going to be getting them from the rankings anyways.

The game really needs a vote kick system. Galeas would you so kind to provide your input on this thread? Would be really akward to lose to a grill that is only wearing a skin. Scarcity of enchantment stones is the worst in years, when do gear progression is tedious and long gone are the times where you could have multiple geared alt-characters.

Elo/mmr system in Aion - General Discussion - Aion EN

Several people would have to wait very long to be able to enter Arena due to their high ranking. Machmaker-supported instnaces The PvP instances that are now supported by matchmaking are as followed. We have no matchmaking system at all behind our arena system.

Concerning your last sentence, it seems that you missed the point. The amount of stones needed to progress is too high compared to the stones we recive in game and from events. Or actually you would probably just lose in purpose cause u fell in love with the enemys skin.

It just matches u with fastest apply. As some of us end-game geared people get discomfort from the lack of pvp incentives. So it's highly likely that this timer is incorrectly configured.

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