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They are complementary, but the book form is not comprehensive. My goal is to score as high as possible, so I am looking for the most effective one.

Hope these suggestions help! Each source has its own pros and cons. From quant, one should only practice the Data Interpretations. Each study plan lists various recommended materials. You can read more about this in our review.

However, for an abundant resource of reading passages and sentence completions, The Big Book can be helpful. Cheers for your help dude! Buying just one book gives you access to six on-line tests. So it would not be possible to follow an entire study plan with just the book.

The role of magazines as arbiters of nineteenth-century taste is seen in their depictions of the London theater. This book is actually quite good in many respects. Previously Magoosh team was posting more, at least once every other day.

We have tons of resources that can help you find good reading sources and strategies. Some light Verbal practice from this book may help you get familiar with the basic question types and formats.

Please compare them and say what are the best resources for reading comprehension? Hi Milind, Glad I could help! India and a few of its neighboring countries.

But it could be useful to know the name of the book and author. Hi Shannon, The book is set to go live on Amazon in early February! We have about math questions, which is definitely more than Princeton Review.

Also, given that there are so many books, which are the few materials you think I can just focus on to get the best out of it. And if you were to recommend any third party provider for text completion or sentence equivalence would you have any book recommendations? For the quantitative section, the Big Book will not be as helpful.

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But it is a very difficult book. Do you recommend purchasing all these books? In case you prefer to study from a book then there are some very good ones available in the market.

Meaning, when you do a sport you also want to do weight training to make yourself strong for that sport. But the math in that book is incredible.

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You can also look at the excellent tutorials offered by Khan Academy on the subject, which include permutations, combinations, and probability. But you should not buy them, for the reasons outlined below. However, my endorsement of these books is not without a few caveats.

Do they complete each other or is there a great overlap? So I spent about minutes going through the verbal questions. Hi Milind, So I spent about minutes going through the verbal questions. Yep, we are always here to help! Those are great vocabulary resources.

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Hi Eunice, Those are all good questions! That should really do the trick. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. However, I wanted to first ask if you or anyone at Magoosh has had any experience with it. Nonetheless, god of war for I still somewhat like this book for its helpful big-picture strategies.

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With such a large number of actual questions available in the Big Book, there is seldom a need for any other practice material for the test. Reading passages and Sentence Completions.

Firstly, I want to thank you for this great website and for the advice that your generously share to many people. So, while the antonyms are no longer part of the new test, they are still a great way for you to learn and strengthen your vocabulary. This is a great article to see which resources are helpful.

But if you have a month or less before test day? Big Book were administered than it is at present. This means that a large portion of the Big Book still remains worthwhile. The verbal is not as strong, but there are some pretty decent questions. You can read our full review of the Big Book here.

This book is not printed any more. Best of luck with your studies. It does not contain tests which were prepared for mere practice but those which were actually administered in the test. Big Book is just a collection of genuine test papers. Further the language of the explanations should be simple and lucid.

Since I tried a bit of many things, I hope this helps someone looking for a prep combination ideal to their stituation. You are correct that many word lists have overlapping words because the same words seem to come up on the test over and over. Thank you very much sir, for taking such efforts for me.

Quant, on the other hand, is where this book really shines. Could you advise me on the latest study guide? This is the seventh and last!

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