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Includes cloth bag and cardboard tube with no cap. The third tip is sound and probably a Leonard replacement. The varnish finish will polish out, the cork grip will clean up as can be seen in the images, the tip section can be straightened. The Perfection hard chrome guides are wrapped with Nymo Henna nylon thread with white tipping. All of the cane appears to be sound, even on the short tips.

Down-sliding blued nickel silver cap and ring over birds eye maple insert reel seat. Included are original bag and tube. Down-sliding nickel silver hardware over wood insert reel seat. Blued nickel silver ferrules. The cork at the reel seat appears to have been used as a hook keeper and shows some chipping.

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Cork insert reel seat with engraved sliding rings and butt cap. One tip may be an Orvis replacement. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Up-locking anodized hardware over maple wood insert with recessed hood.

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Patented up-locking nickel silver reel seat. Prior owner's name scratched on butt cap. Red thread wraps with full intermediates.

The wraps are brown silk with tipping. Includes original cloth bag and aluminum tube. White agate stripper guide. Includes original cloth bag with stiffener and aluminum tube. Aluminum no rock reel seat anodized champagne with black hardware.

Hardy bamboo fly rod

  1. Includes original cloth bag and labeled gold anodized aluminum tube.
  2. Refinished, fair condition.
  3. Wojnicki, Mario Zietak, Tim.
  4. Translucent tan wraps with burgundy trim and burgundy ferrule wrap.

Black and orange silk jasper thread wraps. It is exciting for me to now have far surpassed what I felt was possible so long ago. Includes original bag and labeled tube.


Entire Catalog - Vintage Fly Tackle

  • The wraps are brown silk tipped with burgundy.
  • Heddon Herters Higgins, J.
  • Good refinished condition.
  • This rod is mint un-fished.
  • The extended story of the development of split bamboo is well known, and told very well elsewhere.

Phillipson no rock reel seat. Includes replacement cloth bag and replacement tube. Possibly made by Montague. The tube does not have a label. Replacement mid section female ferrule.

Down-locking black plastic no rock reel seat. Ambered black and white jasper silk thread with gold tipping and intermediates. The mid section lower guide is missing and both ferrule wraps are missing. Down-sliding cap and ring nickel silver reel seat. Finally, the graps, or handle doesn't conform to any of the common shapes, cigar, executive dating service Wells or half-Wells.

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Tan silk thread wraps with brown tipping. Original bag and labeled black rod tube. Up-locking burgundy anodized reel seat.

Dating hardy perfect reels

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Hammer handle with fighting butt, plastic on handle and butt. The owner of this rod purchased it from Dale Langtry. Down-sliding cap and ring reel seat. This rod is in very good condition, possibly refinished.

There is some mild bag burn on the varnish and a small dig in cork grip. The other tip ferrule has been re-seated with some minor damage at the top of the ferrule. Up-locking aluminum reel seat.

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Includes original labeled tube and bag with hang tag. Down-locking green and black anodized aluminum no rock reel seat. The condition of the butt and one of the tips is sound. Includes paperwork, cloth bag and aluminum tube. The rod was possibly over varnished.

Salmon, steelhead, striper and will work well for carp. The thread wraps have an epoxy overcoat, girlfriend wont hook up as do the ferrule wraps. The rod appears to never have been fished.

Hardy Reel Directory Manufacturing Dates. Includes labeled Hardy canvas bag. For sale here is a Hardy Husky fly reel in excellent condition. It took me a while to get back to it, but I am splitting the bamboo for the rods now. The butt lacks the terminal rubber buttons seen on some other rods, having only a blanking screw to close the butt-spear socket.

Another interesting feature is the wooden reel spacer and aluminium reel fittings, more often seen on American rods. Down-locking aluminum hardware over black bakelite reel seat. Original bag stiffener and aluminum tube. Down-locking brown anodized aluminum reel seat. The wraps are brown silk tipped with gold.

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