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Either way, I thought the first two episodes were great, and I am ready for more. The chief hands the surgical report back to her. His shyness and the sneaking of the peck on the cheek, before the real kiss was utterly adorable. At the same time, Yeon Woo and Do Wook are arriving at the very same beach area to attend a doping seminar.

He had touched a nerve during surgery, paralyzing Min Ji for perhaps life. But here, he oozes charisma and has a strong chemistry with Jung Kyeo-woon. For those that doesn't know, I would like to share something that I learned while I was in Namsan tower.

But this just got annoying. Kim So Yeon plays her part very well. So far, only Jung Gyu Woon seems to match her in onscreen charisma. As the highly efficient, no-nonsense orthopedic doctor, she treats a patient whose broken leg has led to one of the bones rupturing his skin. He holds out his finger and tells her to meet it with hers.

Ma Dong Seok Supporting Cast. That's what I was thinking of everytime I see Ji Heon!

The drams is very fun to watch, even though it is still developing characters. Like Aberdeen mentioned last recap, it would've been better to show more of Sangbong dealing with his condition, and Jiheon regaining his friend's forgiveness. Ever since you met me, nothing good has happened to you. Suh Hyun Suk Supporting Cast.

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For some reason I did not think of elves, but more like a Korean Dr. How Korean food worked its way into my fridge and my life. She had turned into every other kdrama female lead ie.

Top Actors Add New Person. And, I hate to break your bubble but it seems that theres a higher chance of him being the leading man.

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The sun has yet to rise, but Ji Heon is in his tracksuit, carrying his gym bag, and running off to the gym. Damn, it's so difficult to explain when I don't want to cite examples.

Nice drama, i love and enjoy it. If I let myself think about it too much, it frustrates me. That's how it always is in Kdramas! The other doctors all quickly file out, realizing that sooner or later Yeon Woo is going to bark at them for one thing or another. He is a jerk and this is a kdrama - what more evidence do you need?

Series review, episodes by Laica. Suddenly, Seo roughly hits something and he freezes. Yeon Woo knows the other doctors are jealous and hate her.

She was right about making Yoo Ri undergo the testing, thus indicating that she is starting to know what it means to be an athletic doctor. Let's propagate love all around us to enjoy a better world. He calls back, and Yoo Ri sniffles as she wishes him luck.


This drama stopped airing a while ago yet I couldn't bring myself to accept it. For me the k-dramas is like movies, the great talent of the actors and director in drama like for exemple, painter of the wind, coffee prince, the legend, bad guy, S. Though wouldn't advocate it in real life. The one that is playing on the guitar? Your email address will not be published.


Champ gets to be recapped! Champ i thought to myself, you sticking with Kim So Yeon is just a coincidence or you are a big fan. Champs was better than I expected, gas pedal and I totally loved the cinematography. How Korean food worked its way into my fridge and my life by Guest Beanie.

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Ji Heon hands the bag to a panting Yeon Woo and advises her to exercise more. Off to watch parts of this ep yet again - the first few minutes, the invitation and the date. Great that you're back, kaedejun! But I have to agree with aberdeen, I am finding it hard to find Yeon Woo.

Even if they ended their relation tragically. When you stand up for your principles, sometimes you suffer adverse consequences. That same night, Do Wook plus the nurses are going out for dinner, so he invites Yeon Woo too. He is telling her this because he wants her to maintain a clean surgical track record. He's more gloomed up and he leaves.

The next morning she hands off the report to Seo and wonders if they could just tell the truth. Both get a hard kick in the shins. Oh, and still not over his ex. This is more interesting than expected. The girlfriend yells at her for trying to act more superior to them Hankook alum.

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The dinner is a disaster of mini awkward moments. As they stroll on the streets, Yeon Woo tells her mother about her chance at being a Fellow. Why put in such uhm tae woong as a second lead and not first. House, who is just plain awesomeness throughout, full snarkiness employed and everything.

Sexy Limp is with the swim coach liked their vibe even though something tells me she may have hurt my hottie Doc in the past, as for Mr. Beaten down, Yeon Woo hands off the surgical record to Mr.

But overall, I really loved this episode. Yoo Ri is really hating Yeon Woo for making her go through the tests. She stays up all night writing the surgical report, not knowing what to do. Great, hard male bods, sweaty and shirtless at every moment? Kim Ga Eun Supporting Cast.

And does she ever seem to have a good day? His cane falls, her world suddenly stops spinning. You sure did exceed expectations and for that you have my undying and unrelentless Love!