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If you click to download you get two copies of the same video. Many people found this thing very useful. In any case, segmenting can be disabled in all download managers. Each preview thumb is in its own folder, as you can see. This prevents the average user not the programmer to configure a download manager different than the ones already supported.

It did not use to behave so, and I want my files to automatically be saved in the same directory without prompting. Far, far, far too many updates, one a week at times. Please configure if your security tools not to mess with files located in your download manager installation folder e. Summary Life is easier that I am using it now.

Now the executable is created in you profile directory, and it should fix the antivirus screaming. This can be done automatically by getting the.

Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies. You can reconfigure keyboard shortcuts using the keyconfig extension. Did you like this article?

How can I download Brightcove videos and the like? Please clear your cache and try again maybe half an hour later. If this seems too much a hassle, you may consider opening a RapidShare. YouTube Video and Audio Downloader is an open source downloader that supports for downloading all types of YouTube videos for free.

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Comparison of download managers - Wikipedia. Click here to review our site terms of use. If it ain't broke, fix it until it is!

What is a download manager? To work around this problem you must right click on the icon and select one of the two identical videos.

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Are you sick of getting them sooo slowly? Installed easy, easy to use, saved any and all my. It also contain powerful extended media download functions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating.

The recent release allows you to choose download managers on the fly if you have more than one installed, too. Windows-only detection, instead, just performs one registry key, with no overhead. Flagfox updates are provided on a monthly basis to keep this internal database accurate. Installing such a component requires administrative permissions, so redo download manager installation as Administrator or equivalent, if you can. If the developer were to restrict updates to a maximum of once a month or less if possible it would be much easier to live with.

Tobies and published by Alternative. Pros Very easy to integrate, install, and use. Please ask a new question if you need help. You can select the default download manager, choose which items to display in the context menu or filter the file formats to be downloaded.

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Download Studio support trial download here. If the extension does not detect a supported download manager, it uses its integrated engine to process the grabbed files. The best download manager products are also capable of dinamically reconfigure these parameters in order to obtain the best outcome depending on your needs. But, I know that some add-on authors are actually abandoning some of their add-ons due to it being a struggle to keep them up to date.

This anomoly has been reported and hopefully will be fixed in a future version. What this means is that you can even download from sites like Rapidshare!

You can get it from PortableApps and it does work with add-ons installed. Pros Does what it says on the box, no fuss, no trouble.

Notice that you can combine in a single operation as many links as you want, where can i movies for on my android provided that your Firefox window doesn't collapse under the multiple tabs. Firefox Download Manager Integration V. It allows you to use external download managers with Firefox.

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