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Bill from Resolve Labour Relations Solutions. Exactly the same as the ripoff version.

Still havent gotten at call. The account download locks up periodically. Anytime the systems logs me out, for some reason, whenever I log back in, it just doesn't take me to my normal page, it creates a new page and new file for me. It is rare for it to not reconcile correctly, and when that happens, it is invariably a mistake I made. Great for getting your finances in order and starting to see big picture where you and your money is.

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Cons The thing I don't like is that I've been with their tech support a few times. As usual, new editions, even under new ownership, are a muddled mess.

Pros It's super easy to utilize if you have basic bookkeeping experience and you are not accounting for investments. You can also use it to track investments, create budgets, run reports. It works well for both these. Integration with almost every bank to download transactions automatically makes me confident that we will not miss any transaction and keeps me updated on our balances on a daily basis.

It takes time that could be better off spend doing other things. Call us today for a fast, free consultation. Quicken's investment tool allows users to look up security symbols within the system and enables the automatic download of option prices and history. In the end they blame it on a corrupted file. Overall a great piece of accounting software.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Online check book with lots of buproduct benifits. It is also straightforward, easy to learn, and has many levels of support if you can't figure something out for yourself. Cons Does not provide option to use account numbers I have to incorporate account numbers within the account description Current versions are not going to subscription based.

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This software is essentially a blackmail system. Other Top Recommended Accounting Software. Menu options are sensibly grouped.

Quicken Review Best product out there. Quicken partners with thousands of banks and financial institutions so you can download your activity rather than having to manually enter it. Top Notch Software going downhill I believe Quicken is making a mistake going subscription based only. Still one of the easier desktop bookkeeping software to use.

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It is as detailed as you want to be. Kozhi from Kozhi Makai Worldwide.

This used to be a great product! In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Pros The product is capable of showing a very basic overview of a client's activity. Although I am sounding as though I am resistant to forwarding technology, I am not.

Marty from Woodbridge Suite. Not sure what difficulties some people are having, but my transition to was smooth. Great integration with my various accounts and bookkeeping software. Still, Quicken is a big respected brand in the financial software world that continues to be one of my favorites. Check writing and reconciliation is simple and effective.

Well this isn't going to be a traditional review. It arbitrarily renamed some accounts, downloaded transactions into the wrong accounts, and refused to even recognize others. Mike from Alpha Insurance.

Cons Although this software has been very predictable and adequate for a long time, it has become less desirable since split from Intuit. Although this software has been very predictable and adequate for a long time, it has become less desirable since split from Intuit.

This product provided all the necessary forms to get us moving in the right direction financially. The company really cares about users. Quicken Still one of the easier desktop bookkeeping software to use. Also, now that they are separate from Intuit, there are some great things on the horizon that will take them to another level. Check my statement and then come back and enter those figures to confirm I own the account.

Intuit own's Mint App is an example of how Quicken should be but, for some reason, they have decided to continue working on the same outdated software instead of relaunching. All balances checked out, all accounts were there. The data transfer from my old version Quicken didn't work correctly so my Bill Pay module is now missing many monthly bills.

Now if you want to use this software you have to pay for it yearly. Categories and Tags are very powerful and flexible tools that allow you to custom configure how you use the software and define your reporting requirements. Their approach this year has been more about fixing bugs, bhojpuri movies 2013 and that is what I care about. Cons It would be good to have it work without having to use a desktop version. The product also help alert missing check numbers and duplicates.