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It offers a fast-paced arcade racing experience with some over the top action. Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa is a high-end simulator racing game that offers stunning visuals and a very authentic racing feel specially if you are playing with a steering wheel and a shifter. Street racing is more thrilling and exciting than a race on a set track. After that you can go and compete in some of the prestigious drifting events in the game.

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No, this is a game about competition, and the option to link up two GameCubes for an eight-player co-op race fulfills that mission in spades. Looking to fulfill that dream of the Great American Road Trip? The future is almost upon us.

Trials Fusion offers an easier learning curve, however, at each level, the game does push you to play at your very limits in order to improve your overall skill in the game. The entire open-world of The Crew is connected and you have to be connected to the internet at all times to play the game. If you are more into arcade racers than simulators, then Driveclub is definitely a decent game that you should pick up right now.

How about racing on hydrojets? You can use the virtual versions of the bikes used in the series and race along the graphic models of the famous race tracks. In fact, even the solo-modes require a constant internet connection. The smaller details that have been put into the game make it one of the best racing experiences you will ever get.

If you've heard people compare Grand Theft Auto Online's new stunt races to Trackmania but never had the opportunity to experience it yourself, check it out on Steam. The cars are incredibly difficult to control, just as they were in real life, but that just makes a clean lap around Spa-Francorchamps all the more satisfying. Trackmania Turbo Trackmania Turbo is considered one of the best arcade racers for the current generation of consoles. It follows the same style as the original games. It's not the best car game, but it is the most car game, and that counts for something.

You will go head-to-head with other racers on- or off-road through canyons, deserts, mountains and the city. Driver would be listed up top but for semantics. Well, we obviously can't make a list of the best racing games without including one from Nintendo's long-running, madcap vehicular combat series.

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Trials Fusion Trials Fusion offers the same simplicity that has been offered in previous iterations of the game. Developers keep releasing new packs to add extra elements to the game and further enhance the overall gameplay. That in turn makes Forza's obsession with rendering even the smallest details on its cars all the more impressive. If you want some over-the-top action and prefer bikes over cars then Trials Fusion is the game for you. You are supposed to practice your drifting skills in the free-roam mode until you can drift perfectly at every turn or corner.

Kick out physics-defying stunts and put your friends to shame in this adrenaline-pumping racing game. Drift around objects while avoiding a crash, it sounds simple, right? The party mode is amazing for enjoying some racing action with your friends and the online multiplayer ensures that you never get bored of the game. You can enjoy anything from a supercar to your favorite sports car, everything has been added to this amazing racing project.

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Subsequent games in the series have tried to capture the same magic, but none hit the nail on the head quite like the original. Combine the wide range of cars with beautiful visuals, amazing soundtrack, and realistic handling and you have got one of the best racing games on your hands. Maybe that's why it's become one of the highest-grossing arcade games of all time. The motorcycle racing games, with its thrills and spills, ensures that you have an enjoyable time at your gaming console. As a virtual racer, non able family feud you want a motor racing game that can equal to a real racing experience.

Double Dash for the Nintendo GameCube takes the cake here. The physics in the game may not be perfect for an authentic racer, but they are still good enough for an arcade racer. Zen Edition Racing is good, driving around in an open-world is better, but drifting at every corner is the best. Enjoy it best with a steering wheel. If you enjoy exhilarating dirt races then this is the perfect game for you.

Racing games are a lot of fun but what exactly make them fun? There was simply nothing like it before, and precious few since. This game offers a lot of freedom to all its racers and room for a lot of customization. Even though Forza and Gran Turismo steal the simulation spotlight on the regular, we're now living in something of a golden age of super-realistic car games. So looking back, which one reigns supreme?

Los Angeles Street racing is more thrilling and exciting than a race on a set track. The game is simple yet very challenging. Think of it as a Rube Goldberg machine for automotive insurance appraisers. There are a lot of Bluetooth earphones out there, and there are a lot of brands making Bluetooth earphones. Its highly-advanced customization system lets you tune just about everything that can be adjusted on a race car, and the results actually translate on the track.

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Overall, you should definitely try your hand at drifting with Absolute Drift. If you want to beat the competition at the highest difficulty then you will definitely have to earn your way to it.

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Each passing level sports more complex obstacles and ledges that must be passed accurately on your two wheeler. Races in the game are completely wild and unpredictable. Speaking of track editors, the king is still alive and kicking.