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Tareq Ghani Software Engineer Georgia. Each of these apps has a variety of unique features, so you can click through the slides to pick which is best for you. But we are waiting for voice chat. When you dial your name, phone number and address will appear before the on-duty emergency dispatcher.

Nice looking web site, by the way. We would like to use Google Talk as well! Voice messages can be replayed over the phone. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Why not put the effort into making a full-fledged Google App?


How can I get it to work for Google Apps? Could we get an iPhone home screen icon linked up to it? It was easy to install and I can manage my account online. Nonetheless great that the initial groundwork is being done.

Use your home phone from anywhere you go

Use your home phone from anywhere you go

We need Google apps for the Samsung Instinct! It also allows you to export your chat history into an email, though that might be a bit redundant for Google Talk, which by default stores your chats in your email account. You can also easily flip into landscape mode for faster typing. Come on, that's what everyone wants. Use your home phone from anywhere you go.

Now, apparently there really is no proper way to Gtalk. There is a free version of Beejive for Gtalk, ce cheat engine but it only supports one account at a time. What's the point of having gtalk if it only works in safari? That really works great but on my iphone it's useless.

We found it was most important for an application to notify you about new messages via push notifications. With Home World package, I got unlimited calls to my home country. In addition, it has a voice message feature that allows you to record and send short messages to other users. How about an App Store version? Click Here to find out more.

No wonder my iPhone friends are never online and always texted me. It's a shame that the only small-screen optimized sites those devices get are also optimized for pay-per-byte connections, and thus are horrible to use. Advertisement Like Follow. You can select from a quicklist of the people you contact most, search your contacts, and manage multiple conversations.

There are some differences from using Google Talk on your computer. It's pretty useless as it is now.

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In addition to sending your friends Gmail messages from your iPhone, you can now chat with them while you're on the move, too! It looks very nice, but we already have Meebo for the Iphone which is online since the first Iphone launch and works well. Agree with everything said. They haven't and will not allow background apps.

It should be able to keep you online and receive messages even when switching to another application, screen lock or browsing away. We definitely need apps for the samsung instinct.

You can also do Google Talk in Skyfire for those of you that have it. If it can provide those, then it would be a killer app, but this is nowhere close. It was easy to swipe between open conversations with several people, and it organizes all your current conversations into one screen. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Mark, It's not Google's fault that there's not a proper app. This is web browsing, essentially, so it'll fall in the Data side of things. You'll never have to miss out on the latest gossip or updates from friends just because you're away from a computer. Waste of Time or Great Investment?

5 iPhone Apps That Run Google Talk

The way that a great deal of effort is wasted by having this stuff locked away to a minority of the small web device market should be rather evident, so I will not bother explaining that. This feature allows you to forward or redirect your incoming phone calls to your cell phone or any other phone while you are away from home. Any version also works with the iPad, and you can sync all your preferences on each via iCloud. It has customizable backgrounds and cool color schemes as well.

It allows you to save links received via message to your Instapaper account from the chat window. Imo offers many of the same features as the other apps listed in a reliable package. In this, my blackberry was far better for chatting. It's kind of rough going in Skyfire, but it works if you have the patience, but I use BeeJive beta, for now.