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I like him but i don't want a relationship yahoo dating, likes me, but doesn't want a relationship?

Likes me, but doesn't want a relationship?

Remain his friend and deal with the pain of not being his? It feels like we're a couple.

He dated a couple of girls and he didn't like me but he still had feelings for me in the back of his head.

Next Likes me, but doesn't want a relationship? He has had relationship troubles in the past, and I think he may still be a bit upset over that. He started liking me and told me but he couldnt really do anything about it because i was already taken, and i didn't really have feelings for him, we were just friends.

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He has stated that he likes me and respects me a lot I've got no reason to doubt that, I believe he does. Recently he told me he likes me and its been soo long since he's started, and a day after finding out i developed feelings for him too so i do actually like him now. Anyway, he liked me for a couple months and then he forced himself to get over me and date other people because he knew he wasnt going to get me, which made him pretty upset. Next I really like him but I don't want a relationship? But at the same time, he doesn't want a relationship.

He made it very clear that he does like me, but he just doesn't want a relationship. How can two people like each other so much - one wanting a relationship, canadian inmates dating website the other not wanting one?

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