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Check the Mainline Full report. Details such as valve installations or sprinkler installations can be imported. Delete the extra outlets and pipe on the end of the K-line to have the correct number of pods. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

For any support, please contact your distributor. One screen with all options present. This feature is very powerful and is unmatched by any other program.

Capabilities include the handling of

Selection Filter Panel This panel shows the status of the selection filter - a red panel indicates that the filter is active. Right-click Snaps Endpoint again and click on the top right corner of the rectangle. In the dialog select the Garden Spray Sprinkler by clicking on the down arrow and highlighting the required item.

As we want both the Zone excludes spraylines and the Mainline pipes to change to the same depth, we will not specify that it has to match the same layer as the pipe we clicked on. The spraylines may be connected or unconnected see below. There are several to choose from and these can be printed as required. Now click near the middle of the right outer lateral. Repeat for the three branches on the right hand side of the tree in mirror image.

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Irrigation Software for AgricultureCapabilities include the handling of

Select Settings Irrigation Items to customise other hydraulic symbols. The left-hand side of the property will be irrigated via K-line systems. You can insert images and symbols on to your plot layout if they are not saved with the template itself. Before printing, we will make a few additions that will make the printed plan more presentable.

Select Mainline Water Supply. The on-line help or the hard copy manual explain the fields in database item dialogs so you can easily enter your own items or customise the existing items.

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Hydraulic formula to calculate the headloss through the rising column. Now to go back to the Selection Filter and turn it off you can left-click on the red field at the bottom right of your status bar. To do this, select Modify Move and click on a part of the layout, and move it so that the plan is in the center. This can be your ordering code or an inventory code.

Left click on the mainline pipe where you wish to place a demand point or node. Calculate the constant relative to the length as above. The default zone name will automatically be accepted and the dialog will not appear. To find your nearest authorized dealer, contact us at driptips toro.

If you have not completed the above tutorial Automatically Placing Sprinklers in Irregular Areas do so now. Now use the arrows at the top of the right-hand-side of the open database to scroll along until you see the Outlets tab. Close the report window by clicking the X.

He is a highly experienced and extremely capable IrriCad operator and regularly provides technical support and specialised training for the software. Run Irricad Pro Database Editor. Additionally they may also exceed the formatting limits in some parts of Irricad and not be displayed. Digitizing Software Digitizing. Attually there already are some softwares which draw irrigation networks.


Select the whole drawing by using Modify Select All. This method is usually used if you do not know the length required for the drag hose, or if the drag hose length varies for each sprayline.

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Easy to specify your own layers or to accept the default layers. Participants can complete the full course or attend a single day that suits their experience. As the characters are typed they are displayed on the left-hand side of the status bar. Two options for specifying valve operation are provided.

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Purpose built interface screen for easy entry of site information and system componentry. This tool can be used for all geometric and hydraulic tools. Select Mainline Water Supply and place the water supply to the right of the polygon. For placing an item or point in the centre of an existing closed object, windows 7 phone software use Right-click Snap Center.

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Go to the Tees component group and select the Tee you would like to use in your assembly this is only so that most of the description is available for you to make changes to. Draw the outline of your irrigation block with cadlines. The reason you see what you see is because the drawing also contains a point or object far away from the rest of the information. Perhaps you need an arc because your block is right next to a pivot. You will notice that the arcs are not oriented to water inside the square.

Enter the depths to which this rule applies. The sprinkler or dripper is selected from pop-up databases. This tolerance range can be tightened in the database for that outlet. When you use a Snap command while locating a point, the point snaps into position.

These can easily be made and the Analyze option used to determine the effect of those changes. To do this you require the manufacturers sheet for the nozzle.