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In fact, Royal extravagance reached its peak during his reign. He limited military and weapon production to stop a coup against himself! Seonjo was slow to name his successor. Politically, the power of the Hungu faction began to diminish. This was considered far better and more prestigious than joining the military.

He was not given the title for a king Jo or Jung. There were many deaths for starters.

The entertainers are actually expressing what the common people outside court really think of the king and his concubine. If this had happened perhaps the second Manchu Invasion would not have happened. But when Gwanghaegun was deposed by the pro-Ming faction, the friendly relations with the Manchus also disappeared.

Guerilla tactics helped the smaller Joseon armies win against the larger Japanese. In the final battle at sea Joseon won, but Admiral Yi was shot and killed. Unfortunately that means that the Joseon peasants are stranded on the other side of the river as well. At this time in Joseon, zhao yunlei and zhang nan dating games elite yangban aspired to become Confucian scholar-officials in the Joseon government.

And as can be seen in many Joseon dramas, the various factions struggled for power amongst themselves. Here the Hungu officials gather secretly to discuss their plans. In fact he also lives in fear of his own life under the tyranny of the unpredictable king.

On land too, armies were put together made up of peasants and led by sarim scholars and Buddhist monks! King Sejong had been particularly keen to develop gunpowder weaponry, but now defence was being neglected. Here King Seonjo above played by Park Chan-hwan looks glum as he escapes from the capital after the attack. But officials no longer practised swordsmanship and nothing was done about it.

And the sarim began to splinter off into factions. He encouraged intellectual pursuits and built a reading hall for the scholars Dokseodang on the River Han. The Confucian ministers are shocked at the sexual innuendo and disrespectful language and actions of the entertainers.

There were two rival political factions both led by relations of the royal family. They continued their pro-Ming and Anti-Qing regime causing problems for the crown prince. But the political squabbling made it difficult to get anything done.

The film is about two court entertainers who become popular with the king by mocking him and his concubine Noksu in a very bawdy fashion! In the drama Queen Munjeong is presented as a ruthless queen desperate for power. We start with the troubled and tyrannical Yeonsangun who was violent and cruel and caused huge hardship for his people by taxing them heavily to pay for his lavish lifestyle. But in the drama Lord Oh is finally arrested, stripped of his title and exiled.

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King Myeongjong was asked to melt the bells from the east and west gate in the capital for weapons. Because at that time skilled sword fighting was the key to winning battles on the ground. This neglect began just a few years later after the military coup by King Sejo.

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So she was exiled and forced to drink poison by the Sarim faction. But King Jungjong was the first king to come to the throne after a coup by government officials. His reign was very different to life under his father, the liberal, diplomatic King Seongjong.

The film brilliantly portrays his unConfucian vulgar court where the courtiers live in fear of the violent, unstable King. He has just crossed the river but his men burn the boats to stop the enemy crossing the river after them. Many officials became wealthy through foreign trade with China and Japan at the time. So the people struggled to eat.

But his favourite concubine was the infamous Noksu who it is said even acted as a pimp finding him ladies. Although he did eventually become King, he was also the next king to be ousted in a coup. For example before the Manchu invasions ministers tried to emphasise the importance of sword fighting.

And we end with the weak and indecisive King Injo whose lack of diplomatic skills leaves him struggling with the Qing Dynasty and the Manchu wars. He was indebted to the Ming Dynasty for their help during the previous Imjin wars. The prince is so lonely and powerless in a court full of spies and enemies.

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