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Discover Rasika Dugal's Watchlist. Seeing this, Kashish asks Piyush to marry her. Tushar falls in love with Kashish, mockingjay online not knowing that she is his wife. Akshat and Charu soon fall in love with each other. Kashish assumes she is about to get engaged to Sujal.

The story centers around Praachi - a simple girl with dreams in her eyes. He tries to get close to Kashish once again but Charu is pregnant and ill.

Sinha cuts ties with her for good. Kashish goes away with Rishi and Mahek. Mouli finds out about Rishi's flirtatious behavior behind her back and wants to return home but her father refuses.

Kahin to hoga all episodes

Meanwhile, Mahek becomes pregnant as a result of her relationship with Rishi, but he flatly denies that he is responsible. Learn more More Like This. Mouli falls in love with Rishi again and leaves her house to live with him. Watch Our Exclusive Interview. Edit Storyline The about is Kashish and her four sisters.

Kahin to hoga all episodes

The about is Kashish and her four sisters. But Mahek is unaware of his love for her. The show explores the world of two different individuals who are unmarried due to some reasons and after some wrong communication. So, she agrees to marry Abhishek. But Abhishek realizes that she is making a sacrifice.

All Balaji telefilms Show. However, Sujal sees the letter with Piyush's name on it and thinks that Kashish is cheating on him. The story of Anurag and Prerna.

After some time, it is revealed that Piyush's death was not an accident. Kashish, Mouli, Mehek, Kanan and Charu. Kashish and Sujal eventually fall in love with each other. Six confused, dis-oriented cadets in an Indian Army academy face many obstacles, yet stand together. She assumes that she will not get the job, but Sujal hires her.

Praachi's life is completely transformed when her father dies. It shows day to day issues without any over the top drama. Sujal is a handsome boy, meets Kashish and introduces her to his sisters.

She was born in dramatic situations on a movie stage. Sinha decide to get Piyush and Kashish married. Current broadcasts on StarPlus. The Show revolves around the life struggle of middle-class girl Priya and a business tycoon Ram.

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Kahin to hoga all episodesKahin to hoga all episodes

This is the beginning of a rift between Sujal and Kashish, on the one hand, and Sujal and Piyush, on the other. Sinha throws Mahek out of the house because of her relationship and pregnancy with Rishi and Varun takes care of her.

Kahin to hoga all episodes

She begins to live in another house alone. Soon, Rishi dies while saving Sujal. No one in the family believes him any more and he is kicked out of the house. Ahluwalia's daughter, who works with him. The story reveals the life story of two people and their emotional bond.

Sujal's best friend is Lalit's son, Piyush. Her father offers to give Sujal his entire business in return for marrying Archie. Mouli gets married to Siddharth, the brother-in-law of a rich man named Shabbir Ahluwalia.

Sujal looks forward to a new life with Kashish. Eventually, Archie turns out to be Piyush's murderer. But she discovers that Sujal is innocent. When Piyush sees the letter, he thinks that Kashish likes him and begins to feel the same way for her. Varun and Mahek get divorced because of mutual differences.

Later they find out that Sujal is the person whom they left behind when she crashed her car. This is the beginning of a serious misunderstanding between Sujal and Kashish. There, they meet Abhishek Chauhan, a navy officer and a look-alike of Piyush who is later found to be his identical twin. Kashish goes into depression on Piyush's death. But she decides to stay quiet to prevent embarrassment and humiliation for her family.

Kahin to hoga all episodes