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See also pulse code modulation. See also address mapping table.

The record-keeping mechanism used by networks and multiuser operating systems for keeping track of authorized users. See also multitasking, Pascal, real-time.

Its function was somewhat similar to the job now done by modems. See also bit operating system. See also linear addressing architec-ture, segmented addressing architecture.

The amount of time it takes for data to be delivered from memory to the processor after the address for the data has been selected. Active vision systems may be characterized by simple image-processing algorithms, lit-tle or no calibration, and fast real-time hardware. Connection to the Internet or other network or system. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Abstract Window Toolkit n.

The total range of memory locations addressable by a computer. In review please suggest the word that you want to be added to dictionary if your suggestion is valuable to us then we will publish your name in next version of app as contributor. We regularly update the dictionary terms with definitions and lists. Short for fifth normal form. Introduction ix Future Printings and Editions Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this book.

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See also absolute coordinates. The way in which the program performs operations on abstract data types is encapsulated, or hidden, from the rest of the program. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Recipients need the Acrobat Reader, which is available free, to view the files. See also enhanced keyboard.

See also Cartesian coordinates. In some instances, however, page layout requirements have forced them to a subsequent page. Com-pare bit color, bit color. The act of reading data from or writing data to memory. Accelerated Graphics Port n.

See five-nines availability. Introduction viii Main Entries Entries that are acronyms or abbreviations for one or more words or concatenations of two or more words have those words spelled out at the beginning of the definition. See three-dimensional array. See Association for Computing Machinery.

Microsoft computer dictionary fifth edition

Acronym for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. See also file protection, file server, permission, sys-tem administrator, write access. In programming, the means by which an application can read from or write to a resource. Abstract data types represent an intermediate step between traditional programming and object-oriented program-ming.

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You can change your ad preferences anytime. Compare bit color, bit color. An object-oriented geometric modeling toolkit owned by Spa-tial Technology. The number of records in use compared with the total number of records in a database file. When a main entry is spelled exactly the same as another main entry, the two entries are differentiated by the use of a superscript numeral after each term.

See also artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics. Show related SlideShares at end. Instant Messaging Emoticons and Acronyms. Abstract Syntax Notation One n. Address munging is generally used to pre-vent delivery of unsolicited junk e-mail or spam.

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The has built-in paged memory management, precluding the need for sup-plemental chips to provide that function. The bit versions of this software take full advantage of the instruction sets of the and Pentium processors for improved speed.

Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. These entries are called homographs, and they are generally different parts of speech. All Active Server Pages are saved with an. On the server side, developers can take advantage of the tools and technologies that span the client and the server. The degree to which the result of a calcula-tion or measurement approximates the true value.

Microsoft Active Accessibility. Or send e-mail to mspcd microsoft. Report this app to Microsoft. Its instruction set can use instructions that more closely resemble the com-piled language than the instructions used by an actual computer. Our new Computer Dictionary is one of the most complete information technology reference and educational apps for defining computer, Internet, multi-media, wechat for android mobile and telecom terms.

Microsoft Computer Dictionary 5th Edition

Of, per-taining to, or being an object or image having or appearing to have all three spatial dimensions length, width, and depth. See also cache, central processing unit, controller, direct mem-ory access. Alerts that relate to server and resource use.