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Initially we knocked up some pieces using some of our own records, before we quickly hit a brick wall in terms of the kind of sounds we could draw upon. The band's teenybop fans were shocked by the tough tone of the movie, which revealed some unpalatable truths about the myths of fame and fortune. It was produced by funk fusionist George Duke, the man who brought the keytar to jazz, like a whoopee cushion at a political symposium.

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This is a very easy site to browse and navigate. Awarded a lifetime achievement Oscar last month, Ennio Morricone has written nearly film scores for directors such as Terrence Malick, and Brian De Palma. The unlikely success of Deep Throat had provided Damiano with a budget to commission an original score.

Some purists, however, prefer the Wendy Carlos's Complete Original Score album which features all the music generated by Carlos and producer Rachel Elkind. But it's his collaborations on spaghetti westerns with Sergio Leone that provide his most distinctive sounds. Shaft Isaac Hayes I was called out of the blue a few years ago by Scott Rudin, a Hollywood producer involved at that time with Paramount Pictures, to discuss scoring John Singleton's remake of Shaft. Additional swirling strings remind us of the urgency of his task, refusing to let us off the hook for a minute. When midday arrives and Cooper writes his will, the score hammers home the passing seconds in a raucous pulse of song fragments, ending with the train whistle's blast.

Forsaking orchestral sounds, Morricone used gunshots, cracking whips, choral voices, Sicilian folk instruments and the then-new Fender electric guitar to punctuate the action. Further, he succeeds in capturing the flighty wit of Catch Me if You Can with crisp, jazzy textures, while Minority Report conveys a disturbing futuristic vision through dissonant strings.

Unsurprisingly, he couldn't actually finish it all himself, meaning that some of the music was written by Subrata Mitra, Satyajit Ray's cinematographer. But the authorities did eventually allow them to work together on this sweeping history saga of the medieval Russian folk hero Nevsky.

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Sometimes it's hard to tell if the score is a vivid unpinning of the melodrama, or the film a blazing illustration of the music. They tend to go out of date fairly quickly. Who cares that no one can remember which Back to the Future scene this smash single appears in? All that mattered was that Johnny was driving away while Baby cried.

An Austrian, Korngold was the son of a feared music critic, and yet the vivacious music he brought to Hollywood was anything but austere. It was one of Mayfield's gifts that his songs could sound joyful and heartbroken at the same time, suggesting the complexities of the human experience. Downloading from sharing websites is not a good idea. To accept the award, Prince wore a sparkly purple cape, and brought Lisa and Wendy with him to the stage. The site offers a nice library of film music, though you'll have to do a bit of digging.

The evocative orchestral score provided by Shuman ranks up there with any great soundtrack you'd care to mention. Let us rejoice that good sense prevailed, and Ray Parker Jr.

The 50 greatest film soundtracks

The 50 greatest film soundtracks

The 50 best songs from 80s movies

Could there be anyone more perfect to sing the opening lines of this song than Tina Turner? The accompanying album for this Molly Ringwald vehicle was filled with tunes by cult Brit faves like New Order and the Smiths. Personally, I'd rather listen to Judy. And while its impact may have been diluted by subsequent lukewarm rip-offs, it remains strikingly original. Jason Solomons Without Morricone's scores Leone's films would be pretty barren.

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Ghostbusters, Who you gonna call? Without Morricone's scores Leone's films would be pretty barren. He has an hour before the noon train arrives to prepare and suddenly no one wants to help him.

This would be his last commercial chart hit, almost willfully. Melanie Griffith is your average outer-boroughs girl dreaming of making it in the world of teased hair, cinch-waisted trench coats and capes that is s Wall Street.

In his early career, Eisenstein had resisted non-realistic music because he felt it blunted the effect of his montage image assaults. Dense melodic pattern with orchestral strings, nylon acoustic guitar and concert piano sounds to use as a soundbed for documentary style and video production of a more serious tone. American Beauty Thomas Newman A score that inspired a thousand imitations. It's beautifully produced and mixed, combining sampled ambient sounds with real instruments and achieving something quite new.

Blue Velvet - Angelo Badalamenti. Please write nothing for the murder in the shower.

The Devil in Miss Jones Alden Shuman Beyond all the grunts and moans syncopated to the key of desire, porn movies are not usually noted for their soundtracks. Watch the delightful video, crank up the volume and wonder why anyone bothered making pop music or movies at all after this gigantic cultural peak. Beyond all the grunts and moans syncopated to the key of desire, autodata repair times porn movies are not usually noted for their soundtracks. Free Soundtrack Music is a system for soundtrack music composers to post their music online for royalty free licensing to video producers.