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The reason for this is that the display will always show the navigational facility in the center of the display. Simulators reproduce specific navigational, govindaya namaha songs sensongs maneuvering and meteorological situations. Using the Tune Receiver Facility - This is available when a radio navigation facility is finger touched to display the Chart Pop-Up toolbar. We also recommend they are printed for use external to the simulator. When the simulator is presented make a single tap on the Pause Icon which will Un-Pause the simulator.

Use the freeze mode to orientate Getting bored in straight flight? Applications These devices are used primarily in specialized training centers. The aircraft may be Un-Hidden, by single tapping the icon again. The Environment and Exercise Menu. In this mode - A finger is placed in contact with the screen, on the chosen instrument, and held in place.

The Paused state is indicated by the Icon being highlighted with a white line around it. Double Tap or Finger Touch. The original track line will still be displayed for proper comparison Share your flights! The Heading Bug will move whilst the finger remains in contact with the screen. This is shown in the facility type display area on the Pop-Up toolbar.

Icons and buttons on the Mapping Toolbar are activated and de-activated by use of a Single Tap Gesture, except the Clear Track Plot button, which requires Double Tap, to prevent inadvertent deletion. See the other products Image Soft Oy. The Hide Navigational Route Lines state is indicated by the Icon being highlighted with a white line around it, and the Route Lines being no longer displayed. This toolbar is invoked by Double Tapping one of the facilities listed below, the facility related toolbar is displayed at the top of the display immediately below the Top Toolbar. An internet connection is required for this action.


In this mode the instrumentation is displayed in an abbreviated but functional form, as in the Directional Gyro, which is replaced with digital displays for Aircraft Heading and Heading Bug. Three ways to change heading. You'll do plenty of flying as you venture through the various subjects that follow, plus have the dubious honor of meeting the irrepressible Mr. The Radial Lines may be Un-Hidden, by touching the icon again.

The Touch and Press gesture is also incorporated in the Rotation gesture to display the data enunciator during the rotation. Start off with no wind to get comfortable and increase the difficulty later on by adding more. Counter, a captain of industry, is your best charter customer.

This display behaves as an elapsed time enunciator, and as an Icon for its control. This menu page allows the Flight Environment to be managed. Of course, you can create your own procedures, for example a holding pattern you expect to fly during your check flight, and adjust the wind to reflect actual or expected conditions. Didn't want to cheat you out of the details. Normal-Maximised Mapping Pane Icon.

Flight control is achieved by use of the five button control bar. The Heading Bug can be set using its increment and decrement buttons.

Radio Navigation Simulator - Quick Start

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What is NAUTIS

Icon Hide or Display Aircraft Symbol. This action is destructive, so this button requires a Double Tap to clear the Track Plot. Navigation is quite easy to learn and understand.

Back to Index This button links directly to the online Download webform, where the full chartset and exercise notes can be downloaded. For any wounded souls who may have imagined that this website in any way degraded them or their computer, understand that, like life itself, there are no warranties expressed or implied. This button clears the aircraft track plot from the mapping pane. This button when single tapped, also terminates a manoeuvre, cancelling all of the control button selections.

Other Settings Section -Contains additional settings such as the holding pattern template. The Enunciator remains visible whilst the finger is in contact with the screen. It is now active and in flight.

The Move Aircraft action may be completed, or cancelled, by touching the icon again. Drag aircraft on horizontal or vertical panels to change the aircraft's position in relation to the facility. Get familar with flying the procedures without wasting expensive flight time!

Thank you for subscribing. See the other products Transas Marine International. This allows a Clean restart of the Navex. For analyzing different options, a rewind function is available. For the glide slope feature.

To add a challenge, the displayed wind can also be hidden. These devices are used primarily in specialized training centers. Airspeed and Altitude Pop Up Toolbar.

VOR navigation simulator and IFR procedure trainer - VOR Tracker App

VOR navigation simulator and IFR procedure trainer - VOR Tracker App

Primary Menu

The selected state is indicated by the Icon being highlighted with a white line around it, and the presentation of the maximised mapping pane and minimised flight panel. This is now a free flight environment.