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Sprung - The Dating Game

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But the worst is still to come, oh yes it is. To start with, the story is a load of stereotypical rubbish about a group of college friends going off to a ski resort to have a good time. Most of these exchanges involve you trying to chat somebody up in a park, club or bar but others are supposed to be humorous and some are just downright bizarre.

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This is already bad enough because you will unwittingly play on, unaware that an earlier mistake has made it impossible to complete a chapter and so you proceed until its Game Over. Additionally you can only get so far with making the wrong decisions before you fail the chapter and have to start all over again. Just in case you needed an extra layer of cryptic obscurity of course. Huzzah for checkpoints then eh?

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Overall Thoughts

At least Japanese dating sims have an anime charm and far eastern weirdness that makes them appealing for us Western gamers. You can choose to play as either a boy or a girl and the entire game from there on in is literally just a series of conversations with other people on the mountain. In my experience, most disagreeable games are merely average or flawed with merit-worthy aspects. The game throws you a lifeline by offering checkpoints which, on paper, most popular dating site united states is a great idea.

It must have not fitted on the box. Did anybody test this bullshit? Why would anybody play this shit instead of doing the real thing?