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He said he'd probably bring Jackie back if he had to. Howard said they might have to stop with that. Robin said she was just enjoying the music. Howard said he's not even sure who voted in which way.

Another caller said that they should have the South Park guys on the show because they're geniuses. Howard said it was so stupid. Howard played some audio of Pink's performance.

Howard said He was sending him stuff in his email and that was crazy too. Steve said that Pete appeared on the old show as Aaron Silverman at K-Rock and this is news in their world. Scott looked at him like he was nuts.

They had to end the show a short time later. Howard said when they get sick he's afraid it's the end. Howard played some of that and said he got bored listening to it during the break. He said he had been on the show once and he was scared to even do that. Scott said he's not an elitist like Howard thinks he is.

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Jon said they have sort of but not completely. The caller talked about Rosie O'Donnell too. Benjy said that he can see Howard connecting with her some day at a party though and making up with her. Howard said that's good for him. He said that Jay pushed Conan out of the job.

The guy said he listens to a lot of Howard Stern and not so much music. Ben and Howard spent a short time talking about that stuff. He said they should play that clip on this show every day. Howard's dad had to go work out even though he's got some kind of cold going on.

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Gary said he was just joking about that. Howard read the article he had about the incident. He said that they stuck by the constitution by voting the way they did.

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Howard said he thinks it is a rip off but Fred says no. Howard said the guy is a great actor. The guy is insanely motivated to be there.

Howard played more of the audio and Sam gave Kathie Lee and Hoda a gift and they joked about it having come from Walmart. He said that he's good with politics and stuff like that.

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Howard said he was all worked up and upset now. He said he really didn't care though.

Benjy joked that Will is just a character he does. He said she did Meth so she's a freak.

Robin said the rules or rap are different and they take stuff from everywhere. Howard played more of the Beyonce audio and it was taking forever to get to the singing. Robin said a neighbor saw blood coming out of the apartment door and called cops. He was saying that if Conan was okay with it then he was okay with it but if he wasn't okay with it then he's not okay with it.

Howard mentioned they're having a band competition on the show. Howard said Jay was talking about all of the people he has working for him on the Tonight Show and Oprah was asking him why he had to stay. Scott said he's not sure how well informed Howard is about that stuff. Howard said there's a guy on the phone who says that his name is Hanzi and he's not sure that's even his real name. Howard said he found that weird.

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Robin read some news about President Obama and had some audio clips of him talking about his health care plan. Gary said he doesn't, computer dating game he actually listens.

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Howard said he thought Gary looked good too. He asked Robin what she wanted to hear. He's not sure who came up with those rules that you can't talk about being with another celebrity.

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He certainly wouldn't keep someone from getting a job. He said that Jay wouldn't take any fault at all but he doesn't think that it will matter. He said it's like indentured slavery. Gary said when he saw Billy Joe from Green Day up on stage last night he didn't see a rock star.

He said it didn't sound cool to him. Howard said that the story sounds pretty funny. Gary said that's kind of odd and they were talking in the back office about it and some people think it's a big sell out. Howard talked about the way Jay was lying on that show and how he was contradicting himself the whole time.

Jimmy said he wanted to beat that to death even though the producer didn't want to. He said that she let Jay talk and he just came off so badly.

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He said it's very uninhibited. Howard said the thing is that he's taking the job back from Conan even though he said he was only going to do it if Conan was okay with it. He said that Scott would lick Howard's ass if he was talking about Rush Limbaugh like he liked him. He had to take a break after that.