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Inspired by the phenomenon known as a Red tide. We thought we were doing something that was different from everybody else.

The Temples Of Syrinx - from This is the second part of the epic, and tells the story of how the temple priests control the Federation through computers, expunging all feelings of individuality. Features Aldo Nova on keyboard. An instrumental based on dreams of Alex Lifeson. Inspired by a Time Magazine article on black holes.

Challenge and Defiance, b. Inspired by the storming of the Bastille in French history. Inspired by writer Sherwood Anderson and painter Paul Gaugin. They waste away their lives in delusions, paranoia, aimless rage, and neuroses, and in the process they often make those around them miserable, too. Instrumental for twelve-string guitar performed by Alex Lifeson.

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Inspired by the Peaceable Kingdom series of paintings by Edward Hicks. Addresses man's anima as defined by Carl Jung.

About growing up in the suburbs. Inspired by Freddie Gruber.

Inspired by mankind's evolution from water-dwelling creatures. About growing up in the age of analog.

The 50 greatest Rush songs ever

Eventually I got it, but it took a lot of practice. Inspired by the title of a novel with the same name written by A.

Inspired by the falling of the Berlin Wall. Inspired by the weather and aeronautical term referring to the height of the lowest obscuring cloud layer above the ground.

Inspired by crepuscular rays, also known as Jacob's ladder. Inspired by the myth of the Seven Cities of Gold. Inspired by Robertson Davies and Herbert Gold. To get the wave sounds on the Tide Pools segment of the song, Lifeson and Peart splashed their hands in the bitterly cold lake by the studio, Le Studio.

Vocals supporting for Northern Lights. Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell. Buenos Nochus, Mein Froinds! First time all three of members of the band collaborated on the lyrics.

The 50 Greatest Rush Songs Ever

This is a list of songs recorded by members of the Canadian rock band Rush. Rush band songs Lists of songs recorded by Canadian artists. We asked you, the Classic Rock reader, nuvvila songs south mp3 to choose your favourite Rush songs.

List of songs recorded by Rush

The entire cycle was first played live on the Hemispheres tour. Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. Speaks to the friends of those who have committed suicide. Echoes from the Underground. Inspired by the issue What Do Dreams Want?

Inspired by an amusement park in Port Dalhousie, Ontario. Written on the road where the band got lost somewhere around Indiana. Refers to cosmetic makeup and the psychological masks of youth.

Inspired by A Passage to India by E. Addresses imprisonment in Nazi concentration camps.

List of songs recorded by Rush

List of songs recorded by Rush

Never turn your back on a Monster! Drums and Lyrics for Vertical Horizon. With Terrance and Phillip. Originally intended to be a ballad. Based on the self-imposed exile of Neil Peart after losing both his daughter and wife within a month period.

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Inspired by the Manhattan Project research and development project which produced the first atomic bombs. Bass for The Black Sea Station.