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If your fish has the genetics for it there are a few things you can do to help promote the growth of its kok. Typically is perfectly circle shaped or close.

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The kok is mostly seen on males but sometimes seen on females. You will notice better results when a single food is fed exclusively. Water kok typically grow large and some very large.

Depending on the severity it could take a couple weeks to treat. As with any new fish, you might run into ick. We are the direct importer of freshwater fish in india.

When help up to lights water kok are translucent. Size and shape will vary greatly from fish to fish. Hexamita is caused by intestinal flagellated protozoa and attacks the digestive system and the lower intestines of infected fish. These are also sometimes mistaken as Kirin Parrots. Its recommended to have a stable warm temp in the range of F for the best health and color.

Flowerhorn Info sheets

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It is recommended to feed brands like Hikari or New Life Spectrum. The kok consists of, which is tissue, that is mostly comprised of water.

Short body Flowerhorn will vary greatly from one another. Bonsai and short bodied Flowerhorn grow at a slightly slower rate than normal bodied Flowerhorn. Size and Growth Final adult size is dependent on several factors such as body type, breed, kevin hart double dating ideas and gender. Ick looks like tiny salt grains on the body or fins.

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Favorites Gaddiannaram Apr monster kok albino flowerhorn monster kok albino florhorn avaliable. If you are having troubles switching your Flowerhorn over to a new food it is usually recommended to not feed the fish any foods for a few days until it begins to except the new food. Favorites Delhi Apr pure breed imported kamfa flower horn babies for sale Imported kamfa frys available for sale. Gone untreated it will spread to other fish and eventually kill the host.

Flowerhorn Fish - Wholesale Price for Flowerhorn Machhli in India

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