Strength Cards For Kids

However, I grabbed my packets of Strength Cards and thought it must be possible to do something with them. The mother was frustrated by the fact that her daughter seemed to be circling the activities rather than diving in. My session was on the subject of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. While you are choosing, watch the Advisor inner critic come to the party.

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Strength Cards St Luke s Innovative ResourcesStrength Cards

Simple instructions are included in the cards. Strength building is a common approach used across education and the workplace.

Strengths Cards

Strength Cards St Luke s Innovative Resources

The one indispensable resource for over 20 years

This particular mother was very comfortable fetching ingredients for the playdough but held back from the hands-on kneading. Strengths Cards A tactile way to explore what you do best. Behind those doors was a group of people who functioned as a team and respected each other. Strength Cards have been a success in both formal workshops and the meditation work I do from home. This mother did not want to select any card because she could not identify any strength in herself in relation to play.

We use the strength cards in a sorting fashion. Then I asked her to pick the strengths she uses in her life now. The great thing about the Strength Cards is that they are always helpful, no matter what group of people I use them with. We all have strengths and it helps if we can identify and name our strengths. It was very popular and successful too.

Strengths Cards

Flexibility is not their strength. We use strengths to refer to behaviours that help us engage in valued activities. Context Press We love them so much we are providing them free for our colleagues. Limiting the number of cards they choose also tends to make discussion vital and often lively as they clarify their thoughts, feelings and values. Is your strength persistence?

Strength Cards with couples I have recently been using the Strength Cards with my engaged couples at Centacare, Rockhampton. We looked at the two selections. Each pack comes with an introductory booklet with exercises to get you started. Thank goodness for the caring hug of the baby elephant. Whereas the ones she picked now were all about positive self-esteem, developing and respecting herself.

Strengths Cards

Prior to using the cards, the athletes had some difficulty articulating their strengths. For example, prabhas darling background music I may ask a student what strengths they will need to call upon when dealing with a difficult customer.

Caroline Laycock Practically Positive. You can begin off enjoying any game you want, however it will be superior if you start perfecting one game before going about the subsequent. Stickers from the previous edition are also still available at a discounted price. Some people wanted the same card and valuable negotiation happened around this!

Strengths Cards

But I especially wanted to have them for home. For more information click here. It was a great activity which I plan to do again. Well, I need a walker to move around, but you get the picture! In the final session there is a postal delivery and each person receives their mail and opens their letter.

The students had a much wider vocabulary to reflect on successes. Our alternative is to focus on holding labels and concepts lightly, so we use strengths as behaviours that people engage in that help them with value. Valuable as part of a project review, appraisal or interview.

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Identify the strengths you use in different parts of your life and reflect on how to make even more of them. For our purposes, we are using strengths to build value. This information can be used later to develop interventions comfort strategies, for example when the sad feelings overwhelm them.

Sometimes we will use role play situations. Everyone needs a friend like that. We also take the time to thank our co-workers for what they have done for us over the year. The groups have had really valuable and in-depth conversation with each other and the energy and connection in the room has been almost tangible. On this particular day I decided to use the Strength Cards and their stickers.

We could give and receive positive messages without having to do it face to face! Would you like salt and vinegar with those Strength Cards?

Help a team focus on what they do best by choosing a photograph that illustrates their collective strengths. These cards are simple, effective and a great asset to what we do.