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These drums also feature a Linear Drive strainer system which allow for quieter snare deployments. Performer Birch have metal badges while Starclassic Maple and Bubinga lines have decal badges. The series did not perform well commercially and was discontinued after three years, leaving few still in current use. The snares are outfitted with an Evans Power Center Reverse Dot batter head and black nickel-plated hardware. Pre Japanese production Starclassics have a mix of paint-on and screw-on badges depending on the model.

How much is a Tama Swingstar worth today?

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Like their less expensive Swingstar counterparts, these drums are made with poplar shells in a wrap finish and feature Accu-Tune bass drum hoops. The shells of these drums have been made from fibreglass and were covered with one ply plastic-foil, available in various colors.

Can I Identify my Drum Set by Serial Number?

All drums come with a hardshell carrying case and a certificate of authenticity from Tama's Japan factory. Stage Master Tama's bottom-line series of hardware with single and double-braced versions available. It features double-braced legs, die-cast joints, a reversible cymbal sleeve, and Tama's patented Cymbal Mate. PowerTower Rack Tama's rack system featuring a variety of pipes, clamps, how well do online dating sites work and accessories for a custom drum rack.

These drums come in either a Wrap or Lacquer finish. Billy Cobham and Elvin Jones were early adopters of the Superstar. The Speed Cobra pedals include new features as well as many similar features to the Iron Cobra series. Discontinued and replaced with the Superstar Hyper-Drive Maple kits.

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These were deeper than the standard shells at the time.

The original Superstar and Superstar Excel were made up of Birch shells. Currently, the Superstar Classic series is made of all maple shells. Due to slow sales, however, the Starworks line was discontinued the following year. Phillips played a large silver drumset at that time with prototype drumshells. They were produced for only a short time in the late s to early s.

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Artstar - Drums made from birch wood sandwiched between two plys of South American Cordia wood. The drums are also available in a Hyper-Drive configuration, with individual snare drums also available. Starclassic Bubinga drums come in a lacquer finish, while Starclassic Bubinga Elite drums come in an exotic lacquer finish.