The Sims 3 Ipod

Repete as many times as you wold like. Im working at the QuickMart -whatever its called- because i got caught stealing from The Lab. But the beauty of the fact that it is an iTunes app means that the makers can push updates out for it whenever they want, so I hope this will be fixed soon. The pawn shop will give you the highest paying salary of simoleans at the highest position. To the person who asked bout ruth and how to get a promo- you need to make friends with everyone then you can get the highest position.

The Sims 3 for iPod Touch

The only real negative I have found so far is the fact that the game crashes regularly. The catalog of objects allows not only to receive details according to each name, but also to choose color to create rather unique house. Do this enough times in the allotted amount of time and you will earn one point. My sim is called rhizzi and she lives in a house i have expanded it once so i have a garden.

Can you have a baby on the Sims 3 ipod app

The Sims 3 (smartphone)

The Sims 3 for iPhone/iPod Touch

Anyways I have a question, how do you know what are the ingridians and who is your boss. However, I was able to load the saved game again and she was still alive. Your Sim will walk to the plant and talk to it.

Need any help email me at swaggshine ymail. You can do this as long as you want! Kia will also give you Simoleons if you give her a catfish.

To delete some, tap the icon. Propose to them by talking to them, going to romantic and scroll down to propose. Work on your skills some more -to the maximum- and ask for another raise.

Or it will just be right there. You can also get a quick snack from the fridge or buy a meal at the town's restaurant. Ask for a raise you get one. If not friends with boss you may get fired. The game is greed you just have to anderstant it and you'll love it.

The Sims 3 (smartphone)

The Sims 3 (smartphone)

Also you have to go to work for a few days to get a raise and if your friends with your boss than report anyone steeling or such things. Chat, tell jokes, and compliment the sim you'd like to woohoo.

This will make getting a raise easier. One of the best gadgets to enjoy mobile games is iPhone. Click it and then swipe your finger to te right or left till you find the items you have. If you choose to be romantic, you can go from budding romance to date to partner. Work places seem to be dangerous.

How many times do you get promoted before you are at the top of your game? Talk to a Plant Create a Sim whose persona is a Maniac. After that, engage in a conversation with that same Sim again.

Be mindfull, keep some for yourself, because it costs twice as much as selling it at the store. As you build your relationship, you go from acquaintance to friend to good friend. Then you scroll down and hit the Gardening Tips.

Cooking In order to gain a cooking skill you must first finish the cooking tutorial successfully. Sometimes the other Sims will offer you money to do things, such as kicking another Sim's trash can, slapping another Sim or even bringing them some cheese. Your Sim will slap that Sim. Johnny will give you for tuna fish. It is totally true with the fish!

The cooking stuff sounds complicated though. Also visit our Alphabet Lyrics sister site.

The Sims 3 for iPod Touch

The Sims 3 for iPhone/iPod Touch

The Sims 3 for iPod Touch

If you do this, Walter will hand over Simoleons. But then I noticed when talking to my Boss Sim that I could ask for a raise. Then talk to them normally until they are your best friend. Search website Recently added games to Cheating Dome! Easy money Go to Walter's house and become friends.

Keep using the romance actions until you are dating. Submitted by Gabby Gardening Gardening will save you money.

Also if this is any help you can go to help and about, then gardening tips and shake your device and you get money. Does anyone know how to get a promotion?

Happiness Happy Sims lead to success. Unfortunately, there's no cheaper alternative like the microwave in the old Sims game. One note about interacting with other Sims - one thing I didn't realize right away is you have to scroll to see all the possible actions. Since I had decided not to buy the desktop computer version just yet, ross poldark novel I was thrilled to learn I could get one for my iPod Touch. Can u get pregnant on the ipod touch?

Please, select version of your platform. Okay so I'm best friends with Luke but how do I get my sim to move past the best friend stage and into a romantic relationship o. Does anyone know how many times your able to get promoted? To buy seeds for planting, stop by the Hobby Shop in town. The cheapest recipe is grilled cheese, which requires buying only bread and cheese.

To do this, make sure you are involved in different activities, stay sociable, and learn new skills such as cooking or fishing. Click here to try again Forgot Password? Was asked to get a new recipe but owned all already. He will then try to challenge you to see who has the largest trout from the lake. When you start, you earn Simoleons a day.

If you have anymore questions this is my info almamalovely yahoo. This is why in the lower left hand corner of the screen you must pay attention to their current status and see what requires attention. To get a raise you just need to be friends with your boss. To own the pawn shop it's kinda hard you have to get all the achievements and acheive them. Repeat as many times as you would like.