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Blau stated that once this concept is understood, it is possible to observe social exchanges everywhere, not only in market relations, but also in other social relations like friendship. If people see no alternative and fear being alone more than being in the relationship, social exchange theory predicts they will stay. Individuals try to avoid negative emotions and to reproduce positive emotions in social exchange.

The theory assumes that the ultimate goal of a relationship is intimacy when this might not always be the case. This process of influence tends to work out at equilibrium to a balance in the exchanges. By studying such forms of behavior he hoped to illuminate the informal sub-institutional bases of more complex social behavior, typically more formal and often institutionalized.

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Three different matrices have been described by Thibaut and Kelley to illustrate the patterns people develop. As a person ages these relationships form a convoy that moves along with the person and exchanges in support and assistance through different circumstances that occur.

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These emotions are construed as a reward or punishment and individuals strive to repeat actions that reproduce positive emotions or avoid negative emotions. For instance, some theorists view power as distinct from exchanges, some view it as a kind of exchange and others believe power is a medium of exchange. If a customer decides to choose another competitor, the investment will be lost. Comparison Level and Comparison Level for Alternative.

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They developed a theoretical framework based on the interdependence of actors. The research identified that when individuals receive economic and socioemotional resources from their organization, they feel obliged to respond in kind and repay the organization. Recent changes have seen an increase in black females marrying white men and a decrease in raw prevalence of interracial marriages when it comes to black females. They also highlighted social implications of different forms of interdependence such as reciprocal control. Firms also look for additional benefits provided by other potential exchange partners.

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Social exchange theory

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The research found how social exchange processes changed during the year by measuring self disclosure. The reciprocity principle refers to the mutual reinforcement by two parties of each other's actions. Because there is no direct emotional foundation, emotions produced are low.

It has contributed to the study of organization-stakeholder relationships and relationship marketing. Other rewards and costs equal, they are more likely to associate with, marry, and form other relationships with their equals, than those above or below them. As with everything dealing with the social exchange theory, it has as its outcome satisfaction and dependence of relationships. According to this model, tips to start dating a girl investments serve to stabilize relationships.

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