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Kamal Haasan, Ambika, Sathyaraj. He finally learns of his true identity. The singer helps him escape and gives him a phone number to contact but is seriously wounded.

But the politician is a fraud, On seeing Mary, David's wife, he devises a plan. The film was a blockbuster and completed day run at the box office. In one such class, the instructor recognizes him, but guides him towards a singer Disco Shanti and tells him that he might be in danger. Vijay Prabhu and Jaya Kushboo are part of a wedding band. When a classical dancer's suspecting wife sets an investigator behind him, a series of violent events are triggered, revealing his real identity and connection to a darker world.

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She shows them a lot of cash and asks them to let her go. Awaiting Zinda's presence in the courtroom for his trial, they are surprised to see an unknown man being presented in the trial as Zinda. Edit Storyline An amnesiac trying to put his life back together is increasingly suspicious of his own past. Kamal Haasan, Sathyaraj, Ambika.

Vijay and Vetri thwart the plot, but Zinda still manages to escape. Audible Download Audio Books. Vetri and Vijay follow her to a ship docked on the port, and go in to arrest Zinda. Films directed by Pratap K.

Prabhu Deva working as dance assistant to his father Sundaram Master choreographed a song independently for Vetri Vizha. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. The movie ends with both of them shaking hands.

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Kamal Haasan and Sasikala. He does so and thwarts another attack from the rowdy during their wedding. The man manages to thwart their next attack easily, which makes him believe that he might be trained in martial arts.

This makes them think that the commissioner may be the spy who swapped Zinda out and rushes to his house to confront him, but finds him murdered in the arms of his crying wife. Right after, he decides to leave for Madras to find his identity with his new wife in tow. Kamal Hassan and Prabhu Ganesan.

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Vizha masstamilan

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He takes out a couple of them with his superior skills, but is shot down from a hanging ladder in the helicopter trying to rescue him. Balasubramanyam, Malaysia Vasudevan.

Vetri and Vijay collaborate once and successfully disarm the bomb, thus relieving the port of the threat. The plan works, akbar nama in urdu and soon Zinda and Vetri become friends.

Learn more More Like This. But Vetri is alive, and this was a plan to make her lead them to Zinda's location.

While leaving the bank, he is attacked by an unknown assailant in the lift but he once again successfully maims the assailant and escapes, but leaves a shocked witness. Meanwhile, the local rowdy has been harassing the doctor and her niece. Suspicions still exist, and Vetri and Vijay find that the real spy is the commissioner's wife, and they confront her. Kamal Haasan, Meena, Gemini Ganesan.

Two brothers separated at birth meet as adults and settle old scores with the killers of their father. Prabhu Ganesan and Kushboo. Singaaravelan Kamal Hassan living in a village with his mother who was accused of the demise of her brother and sister-in-law. Watch our trailer of trailers. Kamal Haasan, Kushboo, Goundamani.

An amnesiac trying to put his life back together is increasingly suspicious of his own past. David is a serious fan of a politician. This music and background score was composed by Illayaraja. He is aided by a highly educated engineer Preethi, who holds the knowledge to disarm the nuke, in his mission. Theatrical release poster.

Vijay sees this, and shoots and kills Vetri for the money, and asks the wife to give him the money and leave. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zinda and his men are soon overpowered by the two-man fighting machine, but before he dies, he arms a bomb in the ship. Ceremony of Victory is a Tamil language action film directed by Prathap K.

Believing that Vetri is finally dead, she rushes back to Zinda. Vetri Vizha Theatrical release poster.

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After a failed suicide attempt that ultimately leaves his lover dead, a dancer changes his life. The man then goes to talk to the singer, but is soon recognized and is shot at.