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Closing Shipments Before backing up databases, close your shipments manually. The money-back guarantee does not apply to these shipments. Manage Databases Created with Sketch. When the View Shipping Profiles screen displays, select a profile e.

To verify that the printer is properly configured, select Printer Setup from the click Utilities menu. Available for residential deliveries only.

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Get the help you need to implement our software with on-screen help, user guides and our technical assistance line. Rate quotes appear at the bottom of the Shipment Details screen. Select your system number and click Modify. Automation Edition Combine forms, actions and system integrations to build a powerful automated printing solution. Why can't I see my shipping rates?

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Free Consultation Let's see how we can help you Contact Us. Close the cover and press the Feed button. Compare the Editions Let's find out which BarTender fits your needs.

Zebra Windows Printer Drivers

Document Preparation Centre Prepare and house customs documents in one location quickly and easily. If all of the packages in your shipment are exactly alike, select the Identical Packages checkbox and ship the packages using only one screen. What type of printer will I need? Pull the first label towards the front of the printer and ensure that it protrudes past the front lip of the printer.

Orient the media roll so that its printing surface faces up. What type of shipping label will I need? Auto Shipping Simplify and automate daily shipping tasks to cut out repetitive data entry and increase efficiency. Enter the FedEx station address where you want the package held.

Now Downloading Zebra Printer Drivers Your download should begin automatically within the next few seconds. How do I download and install the Zebra printer drivers? Pull the first label toward the front of the printer so that it protrudes past the front lip of the printer. How do I load labels into my printer? Preparing Media Whether your roll media is inside-wound or outside-wound, nelson textbook of pediatrics 19th edition chm you load it into the printer the same way.

Ship Manager Software

The View Address Book screen displays. The Doc Tab Configuration screen displays.

With the printer power on and top cover closed, press and hold the Feed button for several seconds. Differences may be based on the actual weight, dimensions and other factors. If you're shipping a package within the U.

Ship Manager Software

Can I print a label for a shipment that will be sent tomorrow? Try the Free Edition to explore all of BarTender's features. Lower the roll between the hangers and release the hanger onto the core.

Select the Package Doc Tab Configuration tab. Upgrade your hardware version by accepting the automatic upgrade. How do I obtain support materials? Enter the FedEx station address where you want the shipment held.

Click the Delivery Date Calendar box and select the delivery date. Parse pak is used to automatically divide the total weight of the shipment among all packages in a multiple-piece shipment.

Thread the labels through the Label Guides. Select Senders from the Databases menu at the top of the screen. Select Download from the Utilities menu.

Schedule delivery on the date and time that recipient indicates. This resets the printer to the default factory settings and modes. Required fields appear in bold on the screen. Customize your preferences and conditions for a personalized shipping experience. If all packages are not exactly alike, do not select the Identical Packages checkbox.

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Zebra Windows Printer Drivers

Then complete the Return Label screen. Access current customs information to make shipping to international destinations easy and efficient. Select System Settings from the Customize menu. In the office or on the go, we deliver convenience. Open the printer by pulling the green release levers toward the front of the printer.

Technical Details

To add or modify handling charges for this package, click Additional Handling and enter a fixed or variable amount. Choose Shipping Profiles from the Customize menu at the top of the screen. Pull either the left or right media hanger to the side. You can choose to print at any FedEx Office location or have your final pieces delivered directly to your home or office. At the bottom of the screen in the section labeled Set Default Printers, click the Browse button next to the Label Printer field.